08/10/2009 :
If you visit our business

If you visit our business: - it's entirely at your own risk - do not touch the materials - control and keep hold of your children
24/01/0117 :
Happy Holidays!

Medussa wishes you and your family happy holidays. We hope to see you again in the new year 2018.
20/01/0117 :
Yearly holiday

We are closed for our yearly winter holiday from Saturday 23-12-2017. We will be back open on Sunday 07/01/2018 at 11 am.
11/01/0117 :

During autumn and winter months Medussa is closed from sunset. For your safety and for ours. Thank you for your understanding We are open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to sunset. And on Sundays from 11 am to sunset. (Monday and Tuesday closed)


  What are Medussa's opening hours?
  Where is Medussa located / address details?
  Which payment methods are available?
  How do I find prices for materials on your website?
  Do you have catalogues of available materials and how can I get one?
  Do you also deliver and/or place materials?
  Do you also buy materials from private individuals?
  I am looking for something but could not find it on your website. What should I do?
  Do you also rent materials?
  Do I need to make an appointment before I visit Medussa?
  Does the website contain your entire range?
  Are all materials listed on your website still for sale?
  I would like to visit Medussa, but I am not from the region…
  Do you package and load the materials yourself?
  What is your VAT registration number?
  What are your payment details?
  I get no response to my email. What now?
  How can I reach Medussa?

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