08/10/2009 :
If you visit our business

If you visit our business: - it's entirely at your own risk - do not touch the materials - control and keep hold of your children
24/01/0117 :
Happy Holidays!

Medussa wishes you and your family happy holidays. We hope to see you again in the new year 2018.
20/01/0117 :
Yearly holiday

We are closed for our yearly winter holiday from Saturday 23-12-2017. We will be back open on Sunday 07/01/2018 at 11 am.
11/01/0117 :

During autumn and winter months Medussa is closed from sunset. For your safety and for ours. Thank you for your understanding We are open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to sunset. And on Sundays from 11 am to sunset. (Monday and Tuesday closed)

Share the passion

bronzen beeldenThe name Medussa has been selected with considerable forethought. Medusa was one of the Gorgons; the female monsters from Greek Mythology. She had hair of serpents and a face so unbearable that the mere sight of it would turn a man to stone. She left a trail of stone wherever she went. This is what the creative owners of Medussa also do as they collect materials for fascinating buildings and interiors.
'It started off as a hobby, then became a profession and has now become a passion!' This is how Marc Goyvaerts, owner of Medussa, summarises his life's work. Since then he has passed on the professional 'bug' to his wife Sonja, their daughter Debbie and her boyfriend Kristof. Since the arrival of grandson Mauro Milano, Medussa has been waiting impatiently to 'infect' the next generation...
Thus the passion with which this unique collection has been compiled is very infectious and certainly worth the effort. The reward is determined by the efforts: 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever…'


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