07/07/2019 :
Summer holiday

Yearly holiday until 26/07/2019. Medussa is back open 27/07/2019 from 10 am.
26/10/2018 :
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Allow your fantasies to roam free

antiek interieurAllow your fantasies to roam free and discover the never-ending range for yourself. This includes architectural elements like floors, doors, stairways, bridges, radiators and old sanitary features. Or decorative accessories like columns, fences, gateways, thresholds and fountains. Perhaps you are looking for a few unique items for your interior; like fireplaces and fireplace accessories, mirrors, chandeliers, vases, sculptures or antique furniture, for example?
Medussa also has all kinds of ornaments, decorative materials, ironwork, fountains and other intriguing items. We even have complete interiors!
All these unique elements are available in a variety of materials, such as bronze, iron, wood, white stone, blue stone, marble etc. In short: an impressive treasure trove and an endless source of pleasure!
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